New Years Resolution: Get out, pursue a passion, and be a better person.

cropped-IMG_0912ReflectionFor 2016, rather than suggesting that we rid ourselves of clutter (hopefully we have done that already). I will suggest that we instead focus on what we wish to add to our lives, what we wish to gain, what we wish to accomplish. Let us focus on something new that could bring value to our lives. Perhaps there is a passion we have always wanted to pursue. Perhaps we have taken our current passion/s as far as it/they can go, or as far as we’d like them to go, and have an urge to go down a new path. Either way it is time to sit down, re-evaluate our lives and priorities, and set some new goals.

Think. Think hard. Take the time over the next couple of weeks to sit down without distraction, and re-prioritize keeping in mind adding in some new passion into life. Keep a notebook and pen/pencil to write it down as we go. These goals need not be big goals, but they definitely need to take us outside our comfort zone. We have no growth as people staying in our comfort zone.


Can’t think of any? How about one or more of these:


– Decrease our use of social media, and instead use that time to engage in outdoor activities where you can meet new people, get involved in healthy and exciting activities. is great for this.

– Pursue a new hobby.

– Learn some new skills. Most community colleges offer credit and credit free courses on very interesting stuff. Example: our local college here offers a credit free course on sailing. As in boat sailing. How cool is that!?! Even if we only find a course we mildly like, DO IT! You just never know how a passion may develop.

– Vacation (of the destination variety). I do not mean doing the same trip to Florida (or whatever beach destination) that we do every year. I mean something a little more exotic. Something outside of your language range. Something that requires weeks of preparation to learn customs and such, before we even leave the country. If we are in the US, then go visit Thailand for a couple of weeks. If we are in Thailand, then go to NY for a couple of weeks. Something like that. Completely out of our comfort zone. This is an excellent opportunity for growth.

– Get involved in our community. Adopt a Highway, Habitat for Humanity, ASPCA, American Cancer Society. Contact the local United Way office and ask how we can help. Not only charity events, but community building, and celebratory events. See if our local county fair could use an extra hand. Likelihood is that there are local agricultural organizations that could use extra help. All these things not only help our community, but give us tremendous opportunity for growth. Not to mention the opportunity for social networking. Real social networking (not digital).


There is a reason why I suggested these particular goals. It’s what they all have in common. They get us OUT. not just OUT of our comfort zone, but OUT of the house. I have seen too much in the past couple of years with people staying in their homes with the TV on and not really doing anything but taking in all the bad news. If it is not the ads influencing us, it’s the political debates, the media coverage of violence (terrorist and otherwise). Mostly lies. We are taking in all this garbage information, and it gets us down. Even the truthful information is garbage information mainly because there is nothing we can do about it from our home. Knowledge without action is knowledge wasted. The best we can do is go out into the world and be the best people we can be. Get involved in something, and be a positive influence to others.

Well whataya know. Setting and pursuing good positive goals is both the solution to our new years resolution, and to a better world as a whole. Hm!