Monks and Minimalism

That’s right, I said Monk. I have recently done a small bit of research on the life of a Monk. All kinds of Monks (Buddhist, Christian, Shaolin). Through my research of all these different types of Monks, I discovered one thing they all have in common: They are all minimalists. Every single type of Monk. EXTREME¬†Minimalists. In fact, it’s the very fact that they are Minimalists that make them Monks. And vice versa. One can even argue than monastic living is just an extreme form of minimalism.

These are a people that have a narrow focus of passion toward something they consider bigger than themselves. In order to maintain that focus, they live in an environment, in a lifestyle free of all distraction that would serve to deviate them from their focus; from the images that they see, to the food they eat. What is that, if not the very definition of Minimalism (extreme minimalism)?

We Minimalists are a bit Monkish, are we not? Our passions are not all in religion/faith, but so many of us have our passions in something bigger than ourselves: music, teaching, Reiki, cycling, children, etc. And if we spend so much time and effort on our passion, does that not kinda make it our religion, our faith? Think about it.

If ever there was a template, or guide which to follow on how to be Minimalist, the life of a monk is definitely a solid standard. For some interesting tid bits and philosophy of the life of a Monk, follow the links below. I tried to get links that did not focus on the passion itself (no religion), but rather the lifestyle designed to create focus on that passion.

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