Minimalist Upkeep Part 3: Life Changes

It is important to recognize, that as our lives change, we must let go of the old to make way (and room) for the new. As our passions and priorities change, we have to consider if our possessions associated with the old activities we do not do much anymore, are worth the maintenance time and space they take up. This can be difficult, as we often have a hard time letting go for fear we would lose a piece of ourselves, lose connection to that passion.

When we feel this way it is important to remember: These things we own are only tools; just tools. Tools used to help facilitate our passions. They are not the passions themselves. The passions are inside us. And in the event that our priorities and/or passions change back, most of the time these tools are easily re-attainable.

Here are some common life changes people go through that bring on difficult possession purging for many:

  • Marriage – All the material associated with the bachelor life must go. So lose the 3 stage beer bong, and pool table.
  • Children – It’s impractical to keep the flashy sexy sports car. It is far more practical to have the sedan, wagon, or mini-van.
  • Last child moves out – Downsize the home.
  • Retirement – No doubt there are a lot of materials that were work associated that can be purged. A uniform, dress shirts, ties, etc (depends on the profession of course).