Minimalist Healthy Hobbies/Interests

It seems that every hobby or interest out there involves the accumulation of possessions. Half of them have the word “collection” somewhere in the name: Coin collecting, Franklin Mint Plate collecting, bottle cap collecting, stamp collecting, porcelain doll collecting. Even the ones that don’t make it THAT obvious, have some underlying collecting aspect to them.

Even if ones interest is something as simple as chess, likelihood is that they have a hoard of Chess supplies somewhere in their home. To play Chess, the only thing one needs is a chess set (a board and 32 pieces) …… that’s it. AH, but the likelihood is, they have a few sets: A formal set, a travel set, a BIG set, and the untouchable marble set. Additionally they will also have an entire shelf of books delving into various chess strategies. Documentaries of famous players. Also, gotta have the time clock thingy. They have their coffee mug with a rook on it that was a gift from their niece.

The truth is, ANY hobby can get outta hand and expensive with the amount one can collect from it. While a hobby like Chess in no way requires the accumulation of possessions to grow in that passion, it is a basic human compulsion to acquire more of the tools of the passion we love.

With all that being said, I’d like to offer some ideas for minimalists interested in pursuing new hobbies, interest, and even potential passions that they don’t have to clear a big space in the closet for. Many of which I have dabbled in from time to time. These are:

  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Web design
  • Coding
  • Yoga – A matt, a couple blocks, a pillow, internet access, and soothing music, boom
  • Sporting of any kind (Soccer, Volleyball, Running, Cycling, Roller-skating, etc) – Most of these all you need is a ball and attire.
  • Gaming (video, board, card) – It’s all digital these days.
  • Reading novels – Don’t have to keep the book once it is read, and we also have e-books
  • Photography – Again, it’s all digital.
  • Astronomy – All one needs is a good telescope, and lots of digital reading material.
  • Investing – Like pennystock and such.
  • Community Event Volunteering.
  • Dancing – Learning new types of dance.
  • Meditation
  • Learn a new language

Even the ones I have listed above can take up much space if we let them, but I chose these specifically because it’s not necessary to collect an abundance of stuff to continue to excel and grow within them.