Holiday shopping like a Minimalist

BlackfridayPlease, this year lets practice minimalism in our holiday shopping. Forget the nick knacks and fluff that we usually get our friends and loved ones, and instead give the gift of new and/or good experiences.

Need some ideas? Here are some:

  • A dinner date
  • A Swedish massage at the local spa (my fave)
  • A night on the town
  • A movie
  • A wine tasting tour
  • A Theater show (Broadway, or off-Broadway)
  • Seats at a sporting event
  • Concert tickets
  • Casino trip (I don’t condone gambling……but just saying)
  • A sporting experience (white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, water skiing, sailing, tubing, bicycle touring, sky diving, etc)
  • A vacation

Also, spend money responsibly. Shop local. Avoid giving money to big businesses, and instead support local businesses. Remember, how we spend our money carries more power than our vote did in this last presidential election. Give your money to your neighbor, not the 1%. Big Business only has the power we give them, and they depend on the holiday season for their prosperity. Let’s take the holiday away from them, while at the same time stimulating local economy.

And yes, that means no shopping on Amazon either.