Celebrity Minimalists

One might think that the life of a minimalist is easier for the middle class, but for those who are “well to do,” it is too easy to get caught up in the life of money; that one might be forced into a lifestyle of excess by their profession, environment, and their peers. This may be true, but there are those that are able to transcend the excess of their chosen profession, and focus on the things that matter in life. There are many wealthy popular individuals that choose to focus their time and money on people and passion. As it turns out, there are many celebrities that have chosen the path of minimalism. Some that I am aware of are:

  • Jennifer Lawrence – A very down to earth girl, and has only recently in the past couple of years purchased her own house. Until then she was living in a condo with her parents. She prefers to live very simply and refuses to to spend lavish amounts of money on very simple function items. Example: She shops for furniture at IKEA. Telegraph (article)E-Online (article)
  • Steve Jobs – Despite being CEO of one of the worlds more profitable companies, he prefers a relatively simple life. While he has owned many properties during his career at Apple, they all served only as basically a place to sleep on location, and they were nearly completely unfurnished. He preferred to spend his time working at the Apple building, even on the weekends. This was until he decided to focus on family. All About Steve Jobs (article).
  • Robert Pattinson – This actor ditched his mansion to live in a gated apartment community with only modest furnishings. The Hollywood Reporter (article).
  • Keanu Reeves – The more I learn about this man, the more I love him. His entire life’s focus is on his passion for other people. He lives in an NYC apartment. He walks the streets and hangs out in the subway and central park just like everybody else. He donated all his earnings from the Matrix series on the special effects team for the movies. He spends the majority of his earnings from everything else on various charities including cancer patients. If we have the time, the tragic and humble life of Keanu reeves is quite touching: The Richest (article).

Some other honorable mentions are Christina Ricci, Taylor Lautner, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Leonardo DiCaprio.