Action and Attitude

Love-1Everybody knows that having a positive attitude (a positive mindset) leads to positive action. But what amazes me still, is that this works in reverse¬†too. Positive action leads¬†to a positive attitude. Every single time. Don’t believe me? Just try it out.

No matter how bad you happen to feel at any particular moment, no matter how low and useless you may feel, make it a point to do something good for someone else. For no reason at all. It could be something as small as paying them a compliment. Or something bigger like helping them move furniture. When you take a positive action, and make someone else’s day a little better, you instantly feel a little better yourself. The reason for this is simple: You have a renewed sense of purpose. You realize that no matter how bad things are going for you, you still serve a purpose in being useful and valuable to others. We ALL always have a valuable purpose to each other as long as we are taking positive action toward each other.

I know it can be hard. Sometimes we can be so upset, that we can’t even bring ourselves to smile. Can’t even fake it. But I am gonna ask you to try though. Fake that smile. Be nice to people. Karma smiles upon you, and if you are nice to people, you will feel better, and life will improve.