Going into Thanksgiving

For most of us Thanksgiving Day is a time for joy as we spend time with our families. A time that we express gratitude and joy as we laugh, eat, drink, …… and maybe even dance. This is absolutely wonderful. But this is only half of what it’s all about. This is the “Thanks” part of “Thanksgiving”.

There are some of us that find Thanksgiving to be a very stressful, or depressing time of year. There are some of us that don’t have families, homes, or means to get a get a decent meal. There are some of us that have broken homes. When Thanksgiving Season comes around, for these people it, only serves to remind them of what others have that they do not. It only serves to remind them how alone, how lonely they are.

Let’s remember this, going into the holiday season (not just Thanksgiving), and maybe give a little of ourselves, our time, to those not as fortunate as we are. Beyond basic kindness and courtesy, let’s extend a helping hand and offer care to those who need it. This is the “giving” part. Because we are ALL brothers and sisters. We are all one family in the end.

Extend your table.

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