Weather the Storm

It is easy to keep a simple and disciplined life when we are set in a pattern that is uninterrupted by external (or internal) variables; the only difficulty is starting/establishing such a life. The true test of someone’s strength however, is in their ability to adapt to changes in their pattern of life. Their ability to stay disciplined when other temptations rear their ugly heads. Their ability to remain calm, and approach obstacles with rationality, and not freak out, when things don’t go according to plan.

Now that is easy for me to say, as even I have been known to FREAK OUT when a life changing event comes along that I did not plan for, and did not cause. But this is still true nonetheless.

When something happens to us that shakes our very foundation, I have found that it is important to remind ourselves that it is ok to mess up. It is ok to fall. We are still important, we are still loved. THAT knowledge will give us the strength to pick ourselves up and grow again. That knowledge will permit us to remain positive and focused, so that way we sleep the night, and approach a new day with a positive attitude.

Real Experience

“It’s one thing to see it on the page of a book, or a TV screen, but it’s another thing entirely to see Saturn’s Rings live in the night sky through a telescope.” Me

The above quote was after an experience I had in my early college years after a professor had a whole bunch of us students over his house for a “Saturn Viewing.” Truthfully the view of Saturn was not as glorious as it is in the books and one the screen, But the rings were obvious and very pronounced and that was more than enough to make me giddy.

There is no substitute for real life. Real connection and real experience can not be found through a speakerphone, a screen, or via any digital means. Or, more precisely, there are elements, subtleties that are missed when experiences and connections are made digitally. While all of these wonderful technological advances increase the potential for real connection and experience, if not used responsibly and in moderation they will inevitably replace real connection and experience.

Technology can be an great resource to start a connection, but in the end you gotta be there in person. 

Mental Trappings of Adulthood

From what I have found in my observations, so many adults, parents especially, have chosen to limit themselves mentally to conform to a standard that they believe is expected of them in order to be an adult. I do believe it is our responsibility for our safety, and our children’s safety and health, to follow a code of conduct. However beyond health and safety, all the standards created to constitute “adulting” are just strait ridiculous. It’s just mental clutter limiting ourselves, limiting our freedom, and especially our individuality.

We spend our entire childhood with our parents keeping our “hand out of the cookie jar”, only so we can grow up and STILL not take from the cookie jar because now were are held to a standard; we have to be an example.

This is no way to live. TAKE THE DAMN COOKIE!

News Flash: You are an adult now. You can do whatever the hell you want to do. Do you want that cookie? TAKE IT. Why do you care what anyone else thinks?! The perk of being an adult is that it no longer matters what anyone else thinks.


Take that cookie.


Take the day off from work and have crazy uninhibited sex in the middle of the day with your partner.


Drop all the ridiculous obligations that are expected of you, that add no value to your life whatsoever.


Take a spontaneous road trip for a weekend with no destination in mind.


None of this is taboo. It is your right as an adult. There are those who will judge you, but you know what, screw em. Those people are miserable anyway, and are likely envious of you.